Your Time, My time

ISBN13: 9780888782199

Publisher: Dundurn Press


Moving with her mother from Vancouver to Wells, British Columbia, Elizabeth Connell longs for the excitement of the city and her father, brother, and friends left behind. While she is in the peaceful graveyard of nearby Barkerville she finds a small gold ring that has very special powers. By twisting the ring on her finger, Elizabeth is transported to the nineteenth century during the heyday of the gold rush. Caught between her present life with family and friends and a love in the past, Elizabeth learns more than history.

This past summer, 2009, friends gathered in Wells, BC., the setting of this book, to congratulate both book and author on being in print for twenty five years. I would post a photo if I knew how and if any of them had turned out well. It was very hot, so hot the icing was sliding off the cake.